Matthew Higgins

About Me

I’m a backend software engineer and I've mostly worked with startups using Ruby on Rails. I started self-teaching programming before I had left school. I have some experience with every element of the stack and building robust, scalable apps. I also enjoy focusing on web accessibility.

I started in the industry working on WordPress plugins with PHP, then began working with web apps, ending up working on Rails apps. Currently, I work as a backend sotware engineer at a Finnish startup, taking on the unpredicability of the real world.

Work Experience

Freska April 2017 - Present
Responsible for all backend work, focusing on software to assign tasks to cleaners efficiently and fairly, and prediction modelling.


Leadfeeder June 2015 - April 2017
As an early employee, I wore many hats and later focused on data quality. I also took the lead on projects, and mentored new team members.


Freelance Web Development June 2013 - May 2015


Language Skills

English NativeNative
Finnish A2, Target: B1 in around 6 monthsA2
Swedish A2, Target: B1 in around 10 monthsA2

Recent Projects

  • Slush 2017 - First Aid Volunteering
  • Web Accessibility Meetup
  • Docker Migration

Recent Courses

  • Elements of AI MOOC (University of Helsinki and Reaktor) - July 2018
  • Data Science Basics, Visualisation, Probability, Inference and Modelling (HarvardX via edX) - May 2018
  • Basic Studies in Computer Science (15/25 complete) (University of Helsinki) - September 2017