Matthew Higgins

About Me

I’m software engineer and I've mostly worked with startups using Ruby on Rails, and more recently with React. I started self-teaching programming before I had left school. I have experience with every element of the stack and at designing and building robust, scalable apps that make business sense. I also enjoy focusing on web accessibility.

As I've mostly worked with startups, my typical approach tends to involve getting a big-picture view of the company, products and approaches, and finding the ways software can deal with the pain-points.

Outside of work, I am studying Finnish and Swedish, running, occasionally teaching first aid (I worked in healthcare for a while) and self-studying programming-related things I don't get to use at work.

Work Experience

Invesdor October 2018 - August 2019

I joined at a time when the company was reinventing parts of it's work, and have worked on projects around how investors interact with Invesdor, including a good amount of user experience and service design.


Freska April 2017 - November 2018

I was responsible for all backend work. One of my biggest tasks has been giving the platform a way to allocate work which it is realistically acheivable for cleaners to travel to.

I was also extensively involved in recruitment, and keeping a 'big-picture' view of the whole company to influence technical decision-making.


Leadfeeder June 2015 - April 2017


Language Skills

English NativeNative
Finnish B1B1
Swedish A2, Target: B1 in around 2 monthsA2

Recent Projects

  • Slush 2018 - First Aid Leadership Volunteering
  • Slush 2017 - First Aid Volunteering
  • Web Accessibility Meetup
  • Docker Migration
  • Helsinki City Run

Recent Courses

Data Science Professional Certificate May 2019
HarvardX via edX
Completed9 modules
Elements of AI MOOC July 2018
University of Helsinki and Reaktor
Completed2 ECTS