Matthew Higgins

About Me

I’m a backend software engineer and I've mostly worked with startups using Ruby on Rails. I started self-teaching programming before I had left school. I have some experience with every element of the stack and building robust, scalable apps. I also enjoy focusing on web accessibility.

As I've mostly worked with startups, my typical approach tends to involve getting a big-picture view of the company, products and approaches, and finding the ways software can deal with the pain-points.

Outside of work, I am studying Finnish and Swedish, running, occasionally teaching first aid (I worked in healthcare for a little while) and self-studying programming-related things I don't get to use at work.

Work Experience

Freska April 2017 - November 2018

I was responsible for all backend work. One of my biggest tasks has been giving the platform a way to allocate work which it is realistically acheivable for cleaners to travel to.

I was also extensively involved in recruitment, and keeping a 'big-picture' view of the whole company to influence technical decision-making.


Leadfeeder June 2015 - April 2017

As an early employee, I wore many hats and later focused on data quality. I also took the lead on projects, and mentored new team members.

One of my biggest pieces of work involved creating software to quickly check the validity of and enrich the information the software provided about customers' leads.


Freelance Web Development June 2013 - May 2015


Language Skills

English NativeNative
Finnish A2, Target: B1 in around 3 monthsA2
Swedish A2, Target: B1 in around 8 monthsA2

Recent Projects

  • Slush 2018 - First Aid Leadership Volunteering
  • Slush 2017 - First Aid Volunteering
  • Web Accessibility Meetup
  • Docker Migration
  • Helsinki City Run

Recent Courses

Elements of AI MOOC July 2018
University of Helsinki and Reaktor
Completed2 ECTS
Data Science Professional Certificate May 2018
HarvardX via edX
In Progress7/9 modules
Basic Studies in Computer Science September 2017
University of Helsinki
In Progress15/25 ECTS